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Argentine Tango

For beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers,
Tango training every day of the week

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Tango is the best way to reveal your elegance, nobility, creativity and artistic feelings that you keep deep within your soul. Tango is the art of understanding and knowing oneself and the other person without any words. It is a dance that cannot be fully defined and described, but is actually known within us, and is shaped and changes depending on the person.

It does not matter whether you have any dance or other training before, your age or weight. Our most important goal is to add this dance to your life by having a great time with a very entertaining program. Come  Add a completely different aspect to your life with our expert instructors and fun groups. If you fill out the contact information in the form below to pre-register, we will call you and inform you as soon as possible.

How can I improve myself?


If you attend group classes, regular practice will make significant contributions to your dancing. You can review the course topics and get help from our instructors in our practices held in our studio every Sunday between 17.00 - 20.00. If you do not have time to attend practices or cannot find a regular partner, if you want to work with experienced dancers, you can improve your dancing further by practicing privately with our Tango Assistants.

Private Lessons

A private lesson program is determined by our expert instructors according to the subjects you need. Our 1-hour private lessons are structured one-on-one in a format that will give you the most efficiency. 

Milonga Lodge

Our students and many dancers from out of town attend our tango night, which we organize every Friday night between 21.00 - 01.00 in the spacious and stylish decoration of our studio with different concepts and DJs. You can socialize in the fun world of tango and improve your dancing by dancing with different dancers.


These are package studies of a certain duration in which a specific topic and theme chain is examined in detail by expert instructors. Your dancing will improve and your perspective will change with the training of our school instructors as well as experienced instructors from outside the city. You can pre-register for these events where participation is limited.

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