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What do we offer you?

Group Lessons for Beginners

For those who have never been interested in dance before and want to enter a brand new world…
If you think you can't dance, we advise you to think again. Because dance; Contrary to what is generally thought, it is both a social and physical activity that can be learned easily and with pleasure by everyone of all ages and does not require any extra training, flexibility or being very talented. Contrary to popular belief, it is both a social and physical activity that occurs by directing the natural movements of your body. In our opinion, anyone who can walk and hear music can dance. Of course you can dance and share your dance with everyone.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no problem in not having a partner to come to dance classes. Because there are people like you who come to classes without a partner. It is also possible to change partners during the lesson. After all, since we aim for everyone to dance with everyone, working with different partners helps a lot…

Our lessons are held once a week and last 60 minutes. If you have any questions, please fill out the form so that we can contact you and answer them. Don't say "I don't know how to dance". Come and make a start with us... Please fill out the form so that we can contact you. 

Intermediate-Advanced Level Courses

These are classes for people who have received basic training in dance, regularly participate in practices and dance nights, and want to expand their possibilities in dance and improve themselves. If you are considering these classes, it means you are already a dance enthusiast. In these lessons, we address the questions of how to dance better with less energy and how to look more aesthetic. In addition, we help you discover the dance style that suits your own body. While increasing your number of words and letters in dance, we aim to help your muscle memory learn with plenty of practice in the lessons and enable you to create your own sentences from scratch in each dance. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are carried out one-on-one with our instructors and can be done with or without a partner, depending on your wishes. The program is made taking into account the hours suitable for you. These are courses where the instructor deals with you personally for 1 hour, aiming to eliminate problems related to basic techniques. You can make rapid progress in a short time with private lessons. Private lessons to improve your dance technique, musical harmony, directing and following skills will be tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

Special Practices

Private practices are 1-hour exercises that you will perform with our assistants. It is not a private lesson. With a good dancer, you will meet your need to dance a lot and improve your dancing, while also improving your dancing.

gift lessons

Our course category is one that you can use as a gift on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as prepare for those special occasions. You can attend group or private lessons whether you want to have fun with your lover on Valentine's Day, your parents' wedding anniversary, or with your closest friend.

Lessons for institutions

We give public institutions and private organizations the chance to present dance shows by preparing choreography. Within the scope of company event days, we conduct our lessons by creating choreography appropriate to the selected song, starting a certain time in advance.

Dance Nights

Dance nights are entertainment venues where you can reinforce what you have learned in class in a social environment and have the opportunity to dance with different people. Our Tango nights (Milonga) continue to host dancers from all over the world every Friday between 21.00-01.00 in the spacious and stylish environment of Antalya Tango.


Practicals are working environments where you have the opportunity to easily ask what you want to ask about the movements and dynamics that come to mind during the lessons, under the supervision of instructors and assistants, and reinforce them with other students. Remember, the more you dance, the more you improve your dancing. 

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