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Wedding Dance

Wouldn't you like to reflect your love with a magnificent dance on your most special day and make your wedding unforgettable? 

You don't have to worry...We are with you...Let's prepare the first dance of your special day together...

Our priority is to make your first dance unforgettable on your most important day, in a stress-free and comfortable way. We will reveal your potential in the best possible way with the programs prepared specifically for you by our expert trainers, and you will present a show that will be remembered for years.

You will feel very comfortable and ready and enjoy your wedding with a music and dance choreography that is special to you and reflects you, making you look natural.

Professional Tips for Your First Dance

  • Rehearsal on or before your wedding day with the groom/wedding dress and the shoes you will wear that day.

  • Rehearsing with the DJ who will be responsible for the music on your wedding day, talking about entering and exiting the stage accompanied by your music and where the music should start.

  • The floor must be cleared when your first dance is announced. Therefore, you should inform the person who will make the announcement in advance. Because there may be other couples who go to the track from time to time.

  • Informing the people who shoot your wedding photo-video about your choreography or having them meet with our instructors will ensure that you capture beautiful shots that you can look back on in the future.

  • knotn don't forget to be natural when you go to your dance... Smile and perform your dance beautifully, just like in rehearsals. Don't worry about anything other than your dancing. And immortalize your beautiful first dance in a magnificent way.

Our Wedding Dance Packages

  •  Wedding dance 

      Enjoy your guests with a specially prepared choreography to a song of your choice for your unforgettable first dance                Write a romantic story while enchanting...

  • Zeybek dance

      Playing zeybek with your spouse at your wedding is a different experience. A                Activate emotions with Zeybek choreography.

  • Everything is beautiful with our loved ones

      Create a fun choreography with your friends to any song you choose.           is waiting for you. Come with your loved ones and let us increase your memories.

Contact us to get more detailed information and make a reservation.

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