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The dance projection of love, power, passion, rebellion, hatred, affection, enthusiasm, sadness, in short, all the leading emotions on the body.

Flamenco, unique to Southern Spain and referred to as the way of expression of communities excluded by society, has become the language of rebellion of the ignored people. Flamenco dance, which is based on ambition, freedom, unhappiness and pain, reflects these emotions to us with its harsh stances and expressions. In this respect, when answering the question of what is Flamenco and talking about Flamenco dance, we should not ignore the stories hidden in the dance figures.

Flamenco dance, in which a theatrical atmosphere prevails with aesthetic hand and foot movements, solid and hard pressing on the ground; Wouldn't you like to instill in you the passion and determination of Southern Spain?


Our flamenco lessons are given by our partner of 8 years, Antalya Flamenco Workshop. Our beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses are taught in three-month courses, and our trainees prepare flamenco choreography at the end of the courses.

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