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Frequently asked Questions

Whichto dance Should I start?

This is entirely up to you. You can attend our practice hours, watch our ongoing lessons or talk to our instructors to understand what your interest is.

HowRecord Can I have it done?

One or more new classes are opened every month. Since classes have limited quotas, pre-registration is required for new classes to ensure a balanced number of men and women. You can pre-register on the website, call us or send us an e-mail. Once you make the payment, your registration is finalized. When you are definitely registeredYou can attend classes. You can make up the lessons you missed in another class within the expiration date of your card.


My levelWhy?

If you have taken dance training before and do not know which level to continue at, you can come to practice hours, dance and consult us.

partwhereI need is there?

SYou don't need a stable partner. It is very important to dance with different people to improve your dance. That's why we swap partners during classes.

for me to learnhow long necessary?

Anyone who can walk can dance. But learning dance is not easy. It requires time and effort. It takes a very long time to learn dance with 1 group lesson 1 day a week. Lots of repetition is required for body awareness and movements to enter the autonomic nervous system. For this reason, you should also attend practice hours and dance nights and repeat what you have learned in classes. We also strongly recommend that everyone take private lessons tailored to their individual needs.

in lessonsWhat should I wear?

For the first lessons, you can attend the lessons with any clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with. But we recommend that you obtain dance shoes as soon as possible and choose appropriate clothes for dancing. This will help you get into the dance mood. Dance shoes are made to order. You can also get advice from your instructors for dance clothes.

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